European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations


Cross-cutting aspects

Research and development in the field of security research is closely connected to the issue of information and communication technologies (ICT), which is part of the Industrial Leadership pillar of Horizon 2020. Cyber security, secure and trustworthy ICT applications and infrastructures are among the most important cross-cutting issues.

In addition to ICT, space research contributes significantly to European security. For example, the encrypted navigation service Public Regulated Service (PRS) of the Galileo satellite navigation system will launch Joint calls about "encrypted signals". The security component of the Earth Observation initiative Copernicus will publish calls in the areas of "Border Security and External Security" and "Maritime Border Security". 

Other cross connections exist in the field of environmental research (Societal Challenge Climate action) via the Earth observation initiatives GEOSS and Copernicus. 

Proposals concerning topics within this Societal Challenge might also be eligible for funding in the framework of funding lines such as "Future and Emerging Technologies" - FET Open (bottom-up) or FET Proactive (topic-related) if they involve high-risk, visionary and interdisciplinary topics for the development of future technologies.