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Food Security...

Cross-cutting aspects

Research and development in this area is closely linked to the subject Health, funded within the first Societal Challenge. Further cross-cutting themes are (aquatic) bio-resources (Societal Challenge Climate Action) and bio-based industry/biomass (Societal Challenge Energy).

The area biotechnology is part of the so-called "key enabling technologies (KET)" within Part II of Horizon 2020, Industrial Leadership. The focus here is on innovation: demonstration and pilot projects should facilitate the market introduction and take-up of products and services and support the European industry in this area.

Part II also comprises the subject advanced materials, which is conntected to R&D in the area of bio-based products.

Proposals which involve high-risk, visionary and interdisciplinary topics for the development of future technologies might also be eligible for funding in the context of the sub-programme Future and Emerging Technologies, FET Open (bottom-up) or FET Proactive (topic-related).