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Further funding opportunities


Public-Private Partnerships

The "Public Private Partnership on Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency" (SPIRE) will fund innovative projects for resource and energy efficiency.

Public-Public Partnerships

Several Member States have established Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) issuing calls for proposals that might also be interesting in the context of research on climate change:


In the case of projects published as programme co-funding actions, the EU co-finances funding programmes or calls for proposals of other entities, e.g. national research organisations and research funding organisations.

A detailed overview on currently running ERA-Nets and more public-public partnerships is available on "ERA-LEARN".


Within the framework of the "European Institute of Innovation and Technology", the Knowledge and Innovation Community "Climate-KIC" brings together climate-related aspects of education, research, technology and entrepreneurship.

Other EU-Programmes

There are further thematic synergies with other EU-funding instruments like the new LIFE programme (2014-2020 / NKS) of DG Environment. Both sub-programmes "Climate Action" and "Environment" allocate funding for projects, which deal with climate change and adaptation, environment and resource efficiency, biodiversity, climate and environmental governance and information.

The following topic-related Directorates-General (DG) occasionally allocate funding via calls for proposals and calls for tender: