Collaborative Research

EuroHPC - European High Performance Computing JU

On 11 January 2018, the European Commission presented to the Council a draft Regulation establishing a new EuroHPC JU Joint Undertaking (according to Article 187 of the TFEU).

On Friday, 28 September 2018, the Competitiveness Council has adopted the Regulation to establish the Joint Undertaking "European High Performance Computing" (EuroHPC). The European Parliament had been consulted and had given green light for the adoption.
The Joint Undertaking EuroHPC, a Public-Private Partnership of the European Union, 24 Member States and Norway as well as industry has a budget of about EUR 1 billion, of which EUR 486 millions are from the EU budget and the participating countries each, EUR 400 millions should come via project participation from the participating enterprises.
Activities of this new organisation will be focused on:

  • A pan-European supercomputing infrastructure by achieving four world class supercomputers
  • Research and Innovation activities

By 2022/2023, a supercomputer with a performance capability of up to 1018 computing operations per second (exa-scale) should be available to users from industry and research in Europe.

The Undertaking will be located in Luxembourg and should start its actitivies in November 2018.
The Joint Undertaking is based on the work of the contractual public-private partnership HPC.