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BBI - JTI Bio-based Industries

The Public-Private Partnership "Bio-based Industries" was established in 2014 as a new Joint Technology Initiative in Horizon 2020.

The main focus of this JTI is on the transformation of non-edible parts of plants (e.g. wood, agricultural and forestry residues) and biodegradable wastes into a broad variety of bio-based products and biofuels. It is expected to contribute to economic growth and employment in Europe, especially in rural areas, while saving resources and reducing the impact on the environment. The concrete objectives of the proposed JTI on bio-based industries are to:

  • Demonstrate technologies that enable new chemical building blocks, new materials, and new consumer products from European biomass, which replace the need for fossil-based inputs;
  • Develop business models that integrate economic actors along the value chain from supply of biomass to biorefinery plants to consumers of bio-based materials, chemicals and fuels, including through creating new cross-sector interconnections and supporting cross-industry clusters; and
  • Set-up flagship biorefinery plants that deploy the technologies and business models for bio-based materials, chemicals and fuels and demonstrate cost and performance improvements to levels that are competitive with fossil-based alternatives.


On July 10, 2013, the European Commission has issued the proposal for the establishment of the BBI Joint Undertaking for the period 2014-2024. This proposal was discussed in the European Parliament and was adopted by the European Council on May 6, 2014.

Members of this Public-Private Partnership with its registered office in Brussels, are the EU, represented by the European Commission and, as the private party of the partnership, the "Bio-based Industries Consortium BIC". BIC consists of partners from industry, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and clusters and associations from all over Europe which contribute to the set up and the projects of the BBI. Full Membership in BIC is open only to industrial and commercial companies, or any other kind of legal entity representing industrial and commercial companies, active in the field of bio-based industries. Legal entities that have an interest in the activities of the BIC but are not companies active in the field of bio-based industries can be eligible for Associate Membership.

Based on a Strategic Research Agenda the JU will implement a ten-year programme for research funding, that will be open for all EU member states and associated states. According to the Commission proposal the total funding amounts to 3.70 billion EUR, of which 0.97 bn. EUR is provided from Horizon 2020 and 2.73 bn. contributed by the industry, the full members of the BIC consortium.

Calls for proposals

A new call for proposals has been opened on 19 April 2016 with a deadline for the submission of proposals until 8 September 2016. The Annual Work Plan for 2016 with the topics and budget for the call had already been published and is available from this website.

Information on current calls is also available on the EU Commission's Participant Portal and on the BBI website.