European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

Participation in national research programmes

Actions according to art. 185 Lisbon Treaty

Article 185 of the Lisbon-Treaty (former article 169) provides the legal basis for the participation of the Union in research and development programmes of Member States. Collaboration under article 185 allow for a flexible collaboration between Member States, which takes into account common interests and needs. The objective is to coordinate national R&D programmes in order to achieve a more efficient use of resources.

The initiative for such a measure is formally submitted by the European Commission and accepted by the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament within the ordinary legislative procedure. In FP6, this initiative was implemented by establishing the European Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership (EDCTP). EDCTP is a partnership measure of EU Member States and sub-Saharan Africa aiming at an accelerated development and testing of new vaccines and medicines.

This pilot scheme has been transferred to FP7 and will also be continued under Horizon 2020. Besides this programme, several other topics have been set up as initiatives under article 185 in FP7. The programme EUROSTARS, for example, addresses research capacities in SMEs and will be continued under Horizon 2020. Other initiatives explicitly address universities as well as higher education and research institutions.