Collaborative Research

EDCTP 2 - European Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership

EDCTP2 will enhance the existing programme through the following actions:

  • Extension to involve all clinical trial phases I-IV including health services optimisation research
  • Widening the scope to include other neglected infectious diseases
  • Closer collaboration with industry, like-minded product development partners and development agencies
  • Collaborative research with other developing countries outside sub-Saharan Africa when possible and desirable


For the continuation of the "European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership" in Horizon 2020 up to EUR 683 mill. will be provided by the European Union within the budget of the Societal Challenge 1 "Health, demographic change and well-being". This budget will be match by an equivalent amount from the participating 14 member states so that in total EUR 1,37 bill. will be available troughout the lifetime of Horizon 2020.