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Cross-cutting aspects

Due to their cross-sectional character, research and development in the field of nanotechnologies have many references to other issues of the Research Framework Programme Horizon 2020, like Health, Energy, Climate and Transport, which are funded in Part III of Horizon 2020, Societal Challenges.    

As one of the so-called Key Enabling Technologies (KET), Nanotechnologies are being funded in Part II of Horizon 2020, Industrial Leadership. The programme focuses on the innovation aspect of funding demonstration and pilot projects which are supposed to support market introduction and acceptance of products and services and to strengthen European industry in this domain.

In addition to the related issues "Advanced Materials" and "Advanced Manufacturing and Processing" there are also other Key Enabling Technologies  to find in the second part of Horizon 2020 being closely linked to research and development in the field of nanotechnologies.   

Proposals related to issues of Nanotechnologies may also be eligible for funding in the context of the programmes "Future and Emerging Technologies", "FET Open" (bottom-up) or "FET Proactive" (topic-related), if they deal with risky, visionary and interdisciplinary topics concerning the development of future technologies.