European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

Industrial Leadership

European research funding has always had the purpose to contribute to the economic performance of the European Community.  Associated with the increasing aggravation of global competition and the development of new markets is has been stated that Europe does on the one hand produce excellent research results but that, on the other hand, the implementation of products which are ready for commercialization and their use prove insufficient within Europe. It has been found out at the same time, that a Europe of Competitiveness and Growth can only be achieved if the Union steps up and takes action in the scope of widened partnerships with both the Member States and industry enterprises.

With the establishment of the Horizon 2020 part "Industrial Leadership", this development will be counteracted. Close to market inventions in industrial technologies and in space research will be funded here.  When it comes to the identification of topics of industrial innovation strategies the high ranking expert group for Key Enabling Technologies (KET) had a central role. It developed a model of the innovation value chain for the description of innovation-driven project funding. Furthermore this group recommended the use of "Technology Readiness Levels"  for measuring the market ability of results from research and development. Under the part "Industrial Leadership" the "Leading and Enabling Industrial Technologies/LEIT" are:

  • Information- and communication technology
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Advanced materials
  • Biotechnology
  • Advanced manufacturing  and processing
  • Space