European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

Advanced Materials


The Key Enabling Technology "Advanced Materials" covers five overarching lines of activity:

  • Cross-cutting and Enabling Materials Technologies
    Research on functional and multifunctional materials, e.g. self-repairing or biocompatible and structural materials, for innovation in all industrial sectors particularly for high value markets.
  • Materials Development and Transformation
    Research and development to ensure future products enabling an efficient and sustainable industrial manufacturing, e.g. in metal or chemical industries.
  • Management of Materials Components
    Research and development for new and innovative techniques and systems, for the joining, adhesion, separation, assembly, self-assembly and the disassembling, decomposition and deconstruction.
  • Materials for a Sustainable, Resource-efficient and Low Emission Industry
    Developing new energy-saving products and applications, business models and responsible consumer behaviour, supporting low emission production, as well as process intensification, recycling, depollution, materials with potential for high-added value from waste and remanufacture.
  • Materials for Creative Industries, Including Heritage
    Applying design and the development of converging technologies to create new business opportunities, including the preservation of Europe's materials with historical or cultural value.
  • Metrology, Characterisation, Standardisation and Quality Control
    Supporting technologies such as characterisation, non-destructive evaluation and predictive modelling of performance for progress in materials science and engineering.
  • Optimisation of the Use of Materials
    Research and development in order to create alternatives to the use of materials and innovative business model approaches.

More detailed information on the specific research areas is provided in the Specific Programme.