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Advanced Manufacturing and Processing

The field of "Advanced Manufacturing and Processing" is one of the six Key Enabling Technologies (KET) of part II in Horizon 2020, Industrial Leadership.

The manufacturing sector is of great significance for the European economy. Due to the increase of global free trade and to facilities provided by new communication technologies, the manufacturing sector has to cope with a specific global competitive pressure. Sustainable, knowledge-intensive manufacturing and processing technologies, the application of necessary technical innovation as well as market and customer orientation will lead to products and services strengthening the competitiveness of manufacturing and processing companies.

Under Horizon 2020, research, development and innovation activities will also focus on drastically increasing resource and energy efficiency as well as reducing environmental damage caused by industrial manufacturing. Findings of scientific and technological research, development and innovation in the field of advanced manufacturing and processing can also be found in many other fields of application providing solutions to cope with the Societal Challenges.