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KoWi as part of the NCP ERC

The National Contact Point for the European Research Council (NCP ERC) in Germany has been jointly managed by the EU Office of the BMBF and KoWi since 2014. It works on behalf of the BMBF and advises on funding opportunities within the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation. As an authorized contact for the European Commission, the NCP ERC is part of the federal government's official NCP network.

The aim of the cooperation is to ensure optimal advice on the ERC. The NCP ERC informs and advises researchers, universities and research institutions in Germany on the different ERC funding lines, both in the area of application and in the area of project management. The consultations take place by phone, email or video conference.

Both NCP ERC teams meet regularly for meetings and carry out joint information events, online seminars, interview training and consultations. Together they attend the NCP ERC meetings organised by the European Commission and the meetings of the ERC Program Committee. In addition, a jointly prepared newsletter from the NCP ERC is sent out approximately once a month.

External communication takes place via the jointly managed website www.nks-erc.de, which can be found on the BMBF homepage.