An important aspect of European funding is the opportunity to network across Europe. It is precisely here that KoWi can help universities and research institutions to link national and European funding.

National level

KoWi together with many partners in the German science system is committed to the success at European level of universities and research institutions.

KoWi advocates the interaction of EU expertise at the federal, state and scientific levels.

The following institutions and groups of people are of particular importance as cooperation partners in this context:

In Brussels

KoWi is a founding member of the transnational IGLO network (Informal Group of R&D Liaison Offices) - the informal cooperation network based in Brussels.

IGLO builds the bridge between the EU and the respective countries for access to European funding for research and development. For this purpose, IGLO is in close, constant exchange with the European Commission and other contacts in Brussels.

IGLO will keep the European Commission and other Brussels contacts regularly updated on the latest news on the research and training community in each country. It thus ensures rapid information dissemination within the scientific community.

On the other hand, the network advises on access to European R&D programs and activities and monitors political developments.

IGLO is also the interface between the scientific community and the European institutions. This enables and deepens valuable contacts in the research landscape for universities, institutions and researchers.

The IGLO offices of the individual countries meet regularly to exchange information, discuss new developments with contact persons and further promote good cooperation.