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KoWi networking event series - Alternative to the KoWi Annual Conference (BuTa) 2021

By launching the event series KoWi networking ("KoWi vernetzt") against the background of the cancelled KoWi Annual Conference (BuTa) 2021, we would like to offer you the opportunity to find out about interesting topics in the context of Horizon Europe and to exchange ideas with colleagues and with us. Therefore KoWi will organize various events within the upcoming months accompanied by virtual networking formats for the community. 

We are looking forward to this digital networking series including a variety of different topics and some little surprises for you just like our KoWi-Quiz!

Events of the KoWi networking ("KoWi vernetzt“) event series 

Past Events

  • 16. July 2021: Policy-Panel „Die Zukunft des Europäischen Forschungsraums im Kontext von Horizon Europe“
  • 07. September 2021: Open Access – Publizieren und Forschungsdatenmanagement in Horizon Europe (in German)
  • 14. September 2021, 10 pm: Forschungsdatenmanagement in Horizon Europe – die "Basics" für EU-Berater/innen (in German)
  • 28. September 2021: Start von Horizon Europe: HAWs tauschen sich aus – Veranstaltung von FHnet und KoWi (in German)
  • 12. & 14. October 2021: KoWi vernetzt online – zu MSCA Masterclasses (in German)

Upcoming Events

  • 28. October 2021: Das neue Annotated MGA – Lost in explanation? (in German)
  • 29. November 2021, 2 pm: Help – I need to implement a Gender Equality Plan! – Policy Background & Exchange of Experience (in English)
  • December 2021: Veranstaltung des Bundesarbeitskreises der EU-Referent/innen an Hochschulen in Deutschland (BAK) und KoWi zu den ersten Erfahrungen mit Horizon Europe (in German)
  • ...

The Exchange and Networking Activities 

Before and/or after each event, you will have the opportunity to meet colleagues in the KoWi room at the interactive online conference tool Wonder. Similar to the coffee breaks at the KoWi Annual Conference (BuTa), this is not only the chance to follow up on thematic discussions, but primarily to exchange informally within the community.

Further details on the individual events and activities will be updated during the coming days and weeks on this website as well as posted in our newsletter.

Additional information about events organized by KoWi and other hosts will also be provided in our calendar of events.