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Informal Group of R&D Liaison Offices (IGLO)

For several years, KoWi has been an active member of the transnational IGLO network.

IGLO is an informal group of liaison offices based in Brussels which facilitate access to European R&D funding.

The offices

  • disseminate targeted, timely advice and information on research funding opportunities
  • interact proactively with the European Commission and other contacts in Brussels
  • act as a user-friendly interface between the scientific community and the European institutions, to their mutual benefit
  • advise on how to access European R&D programmes and activities
  • monitor policy developments
  • facilitate contacts
  • provide fast and effective dissemination channels to the scientific community
  • provide the European Commission and other Brussels contacts with information about the research and training community in each country

The IGLO offices work closely together through regular meetings in order to to exchange information, to discuss new developments with key contact persons, to promote collaboration and share best practice.