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Collaboration with the EU Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


The EU Bureau of the BMBF is located at the German Aerospace Center’s Project Management Agency (DLR Projektträger) and supports the BMBF in European research, innovation and education policy. It is the BMBF's central contact point for all aspects of the EU framework program for research and innovation. The EU Bureau is responsible for the management of the German National Contact Point (NCP) system and hosts several NCPs.

In addition to the cooperation in the area of the NCP ERC, which is coordinated by the EU Bureau, KoWi also works closely with other NCPs. KoWi is in a regular contact with colleagues in the other National Contact Points and also point out NCP events in the KoWi newsletter. Also, an exchange with the head of the EU Bureau, the NCP coordinator in Germany and the KoWi management takes place every six months. Besides the exchange on current research policy topics, joint event formats and collaborations, such as those related to the KoWi Annual Conference on EU Research & Innovation Funding or the “BMBF Erfahrungsaustausch”, are also discussed.