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Collaboration with the National Working Group of EU Funding Advisors at German Universities (BAK)

KoWi has been working closely with the BAK for many years. The aim of BAK's work is to strengthen the EU funding advisory structures in Germany and to professionalise the work of EU advisors at research institutions. Through the BAK network, information and experiences are exchanged, problems are discussed and university-specific solutions are sought. In addition, the BAK is also involved in discussions around the development of the EU framework programmes and the European Research Area.

Currently, KoWi employees are contributing to two BAK working groups, which deal with legal issues and project management. KoWi also takes part as referees in the regular BAK meetings and contributes to the meetings with contributions on EU research policy funding. Together with the BAK, KoWi has also developed the "EU-Mentoring" programme, the aim of which is to expand EU consulting competence at universities.

In turn, the BAK organises a panel at the KoWi Annual Conference and plays an important role in KoWi’s work as an information hub: It provides KoWi with information about issues with the implementation of EU rules and provides feedback on the uptake of the EU Framework Programme by the German research community. KoWi, on the other hand, passes on insights on EU research funding to the BAK speaker group, which then distributes efficiently to to all its members across Germany.

BAK members also act as multipliers when providing their expertise and knowledge to management, researchers and research management in Higher Education Institutes.