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Interns about KoWi

Are you interested in an internship at KoWi? On this page, you can find short testimonials from former interns. We also recommend you to listen to our podcast episode to get first-hand experience about an internship with us!

You can find more information about an internship at KoWi on our website.

"My internship at KoWi showed me the path into science management. I learned a lot about EU research funding, and gained further knowledge and contacts by actively getting involved and shaping my own internship. Afterwards, I was able to design my career plan and I am very grateful to KoWi for this first but deep insight into the field."



"Through my internship, I have gained exciting insights into the EU's research and innovation policy and practical experience in giving advice to scientists, universities and research institutions."



"Interns are quickly integrated into the KoWi team. I found a very pleasant working atmosphere as well as a high level of competence. I also appreciated the fact that many of the colleagues themselves had once done an internship at KoWi and thus knew which topics were interesting for me. I highly recommend this internship for taking your first steps within the area of EU research and innovation policy!"