European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

About KoWi


When established in 1990, KoWi was basically an institution that provided - thanks to its exclusive position in Brussels - information that was difficult to access in times before e-mail and internet. This information was compactly passed on to the scientists and institutions of a national science system seen as relatively uniform – the idea of a "Koordinierungsstelle" (coordination point) accommodated this task description.

After 2000, the principle of competition as well as the need of cooperation crossing institutional borders gained in importance within the German science system. In summer 2008, the Members of the Association supporting KoWi responded to these developments and carried out a reform that became operative formally with the corresponding amendment of the statutes in spring 2010. Today, KoWi can be described as a strategically acting agency offering individual services to the institutionally diverse German science community and supporting the constitution of a comprehensive consulting expertise in the association. The new German label "Kooperationsstelle" corresponds to this change.