Global Challenges European Industrial Competitiveness

The pillar "Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness" provides the majority of the thematic (top-down) calls within Horizon Europe in the structure of six thematic clusters:

  • Health

  • Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society

  • Civil Security for Society

  • Digital, Industry and Space

  • Climate, Energy and Mobility

  • Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment

The clusters cover topics that are considered global challenges. The focus is on the competitiveness of the EU economy and its leading role in the development of technological and non-technological solutions (incl. key technologies). The issues should not be addressed in separate thematic silos, but with cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary approaches that involve all relevant actors.

The funded activities should generate new knowledge and contribute to the development from laboratory to market of first-class innovations in the EU, thus covering the entire innovation cycle up to Technology Readiness Level 8 (demonstrators, pilot lines). In addition to research and development activities, funded initiatives will also include horizontal issues such as science communication, standardisation, socio-economic and sustainability aspects as well as the promotion of gender equality.

A budget of around €53.8 billion is available in Horizon Europe for calls for proposals and funding instruments within the clusters, which is about 56% of the total budget.

KoWi services:

KoWi provides advice for researchers, EU advisors or administrators at universities and research organisations on all funding areas within the thematic clusters, from application to implementation. In addition to individual support, we offer information events and presentations as well as in-depth "funding coaching" for individual thematic areas, both as a virtual format and at on-site events.

To help you assess the opportunities of research funding in the thematic clusters, we provide background information on EU policies on which the respective topics are based and the relevant stakeholder networks. We are happy to provide you with information according to your individual needs and interests. In addition, we offer to read and check your proposals, especially with regard to the non-scientific parts of the proposal and its overall orientation. – Get in contact with us and let us support you!