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Widening participation and strengthening the ERA

This component of the programme includes measures to support cooperation in the European Research Area and to contribute to reducing the R&D gap within the EU.

It is divided into two sections:

  • Widening Participation and Spreading Excellence

  • Reforming and Enhancing the European R&I System

The funding activities in the programme component "Widening Participation and Spreading Excellence" are primarily aimed at target countries whose performance in research and innovation is below the EU average: This includes countries that have joined the EU since 2004 (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia), as well as Portugal and Greece, also known as the EU13; in addition, all countries associated with the Framework Programme with a similar need to catch up in research and innovation.

The funding lines, including:

  • Teaming for Excellence

  • Twinning

  • ERA Chairs

  • Excellence Initiatives (Capacity for excellence in universities, Excellence Hubs)

  • Brain circulation

  • COST

are intended to strengthen the structures for research and innovation in the target countries, promote the international networking of R&I stakeholders from these countries and counteract the brain drain. Cooperation with Member States and Associated Countries outside the target group (including Germany) plays an important role in supporting scientific cooperation and the development of research excellence.

One new aspect is the funding of "Capacity building for excellence in universities", to promote networks of universities in the target countries in cooperation with other universities, with a view to preparing them for participation in the European University Networks. Another new initiative are the "Hop-on" measures, which will initially be tested as pilot actions to integrate R&I stakeholders from the target countries more closely into the project consortia in the thematic Clusters in Horizon Europe.

The programme component "Reforming and Enhancing the European R&I System" is primarily aimed at supporting the consolidation and impact of the European Research Area. Measures (many of them as Coordination and Support Actions) will be funded in very different thematic areas, including:

  • forschungsbezogene Aspekte der Europäischen Hochschulnetzwerke

  • institutionelle Transformation von Hochschulen

  • Implementierung und Weiterentwicklung von Open Science-Praktiken

  • Gender Equality

  • Research Ethics

  • Bürgerwissenschaften, Wissenschaftskommunikation

  • Wissenschaftlerkarrieren; Charter/Code of Conduct HRS4R

  • FuI für Policy making; Nutzung von Forschungsergebnissen