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"Widening participation and strengthening the ERA" 2021-2022

The Work Programme 2021-2022 of this programme part of Horizon Europe consists of two components “Widening Participation and Spreading Excellence” and “Strengthening the European Research Area“ and comprises calls for proposals and other activities with a total budget of EUR 934.75 million for the two-year period.

The component “Widening Participation and Spreading Excellence“ focuses on increasing the level of excellence in R&I in 15 target countries (EU 13 + Greece and Portugal) by supporting R&I systems as well as individual institutions and R&I personnel in these countries with different measures. In the first Work Programme under Horizon Europe for this funding line two so-called “Destinations” which comprise several calls are foreseen for this:

Destination 1 - Improved access to Excellence (budget: 475 Mio. EUR)

  • Call 2022 - Teaming for Excellence
  • Call 2021 - Twinning Western Balkans
  • Call 2021 - Twinning
  • Call 2022 - Excellence Hubs
  • Call 2021 - European Excellence Initiative (EEI): Strengthening capacity for excellence in higher education institutions and surrounding ecosystems
  • Call 2021 - Support for R&I policy making in the Western Balkans
  • Call 2022 - Hop On Facility

Destination 2  - Attracting and mobilising the best talents (budget: 120 Mio. EUR)

  • Call 2022 - ERA Chairs
  • Call 2021 + 2022 - Fostering balanced brain circulation (BBC) - ERA Fellowships
  • Call 2022 - Fostering balanced brain circulation (BBC) - ERA Talents

The second component, “Strengthening the European Research Area“, focuses on the consolidation of the European Research Area in its different dimensions. Under the third Destination in the Work Programme

Destination 3 Reforming and enhancing the EU Research and Innovation System (budget: 122 Mio. EUR)

  • Call 2021 + 2022 – European Research Area

Projects on different relevant themes such as research ethics, gender equality or the implementation of Open Science practices will be funded.

The calls under the three destinations have different opening dates and deadlines in 2021 and 2022. Most of the calls foresee a single-stage proposal submission. Only the call "Teaming for Excellence" in Destination 1 foresees a two-stage procedure. The call "Hop On Facility", also in Destination 1, which funds the inclusion of additional partners from the target countries in projects already selected for funding under Pillar II, has two cut-off dates in 2022.

General information on the conditions of participation, eligibility, application and evaluation criteria can be found in the general annexes of the Work Programme and the Horizon Europe programme guide (not yet published).

Application have to be submitted via the Funding & Tenders Portal which requires prior registration.

Please note: All calls for proposals and documents are available in the Funding & Tenders Portal and only information given there is legally binding.