European Research Council‎ (ERC)

The European Research Council (ERC) is located in part I of Horizon Europe, "Excellent Science", and supports innovative frontier research in Europe through open competition. The sole criterion for selection is scientific excellence both of the project and of the Principal Investigator (PI).

The ERC funding schemes cover all scientific fields across all established disciplinary boundaries. In particular, interdisciplinary or pioneering proposals addressing emerging fields and introducing unconventional approaches are encouraged.

National Contact Point ERC

NCP ERC Logo The National Contact Point ERC (NCP ERC) is a cooperation between the EU-Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (EU-Büro des BMBF) and the European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations (KoWi). Information and content of the KoWi website on the ERC had been integrated into the existing website. A complete list of contact persons for the NCP ERC can be found there.

Contact persons at KoWi

Part of the National Contact Point ERC are:

  • Jennifer Striebeck (head of team)

  • Dr. Kristina Wien (deputy head of team)

  • Dr. Claudia Breit (parental leave)

  • Isabel Herzhoff

  • Dunja Hofmann

  • Dominik Maas

  • Katharina Spannhake

  • Martin Winger

Apart from the current nominated team of  the National Contact Point ERC, there are more KoWi members who offer their ERC expertise on the basis of the NCP guidelines for questions on ERC project implementation:

  • Anita Bindhammer

  • Sebastian Claus

  • Cristina Condovici

  • Yvette Gafinen

KoWi service: Deadline for proposal proof-reading

As in previous years, KoWi offers individual support to applicants writing their proposal. For the funding schemes of the ERC, we kindly ask you to send us your complete proposals at least two weeks before the deadline of the respective funding scheme, so that we can give you feedback on your proposal in time. Afterwards we may not be able to guarantee a detailed feedback.