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MSCA & Citizens

What’s it all about?

Through the MSCA Citizens programme, the public is made aware of the importance of science through a large evening event, the annual and Europe-wide European Researchers' Night. The aim is to illustrate the everyday work and the role of scientists in and for the community. The importance of scientific knowledge in everyday life is to be highlighted and young people are also to be made enthusiastic about science and a career in science.

What needs to be considered?

The one to two-day events that are planned are intended to appeal to the widest possible audience from a wide range of social groups, from families and schoolchildren to people without direct access to scientific activities. It is hoped that bringing together researchers and citizens in a relaxed atmosphere will enhance mutual interaction and contribute to the visibility of researchers and participating institutions.

All events promoted as part of the European Researchers' Night traditionally take place across Europe on the last Friday in September every year.

What is funded?

The project duration is usually two years, so that two events will be held under one project. All projects include the preparation phase and a promotional campaign, the activities during the European Researchers' Night itself and an evaluation phase after the event.

The European Researchers' Night is a support measure (CSA) that is basically 100% funded. Funding is provided by means of a lump sum. Projects for which regional, local or national co-financing and good geographical coverage are secured are usually preferred.

Who is eligible?

This funding is targeted towards institutions in EU Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries. While it is not mandatory to form a consortium, it is possible to form regional, national or, if necessary, cross-border consortia. In addition, the planned activities must reach as broad a public as possible in accordance with regional conditions.

When will the calls be published?

Applications can be submitted online via the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal at set annual Call deadlines. Further information on eligibility can be found in the documents of the respective Call such as the Guide for Applicants and the MSCA Work Programme.


Applications will be submitted electronically by the institution via the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal. The application must not be longer than 30 pages and should follow the structure of the template provided.

The applications will be assessed by experts with a maximum of 5 points in each of the three criteria "Excellence", "Impact" and "Quality and efficiency of the implementation". Projects with excellent ratings that are no longer funded due to a lack of budget can be given the status of an "associated event".

A time frame of five to six months can be expected from the end of the submission period to the start of the project.