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Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) 2023-2024

On 6 Dezember 2022, the European Commission has published the new Work Programme for the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA). It covers the budget as well as calls for proposals for all funding schemes under 2023-2024. The budget for MSCA calls 2023 is EUR 889.1 million; for MSCA calls 2024 EUR 913.16 million.

Proposals under all MSCA must be submitted on the specific deadline date via the Electronic Submission System Funding & Tenders Portal of the European Commission. In order to use the system, you must register with EU Login first.

The Work Programme 2023-2024 includes the following funding schemes:

Postdoctoral Fellowships (PF)

Postdoctoral Fellowships equip postdoctoral researchers with complementary professional skills for their future careers through the implementation of a personalised research project.  

The 2023 call opens on 12 April 2023 and closes on 13 September 2023.

The 2024 call opens on 10 April 2024 and closes on 11 September 2024.

Doctoral Networks (DN)

Doctoral Networks (DN) support transnational doctoral programmes with a duration of up to four years. The networks consist of different European and international institutions from the academic and non-academic sector.

New under the Work Programme 2023-2024 is that a maximum of 540 person-months is supported for all forms of Doctoral Networks (DN, JD, ID). For Joint Doctorates the duration of each fellowship is maximum 48 months. Furthermore, in the case of Joint Doctorates, the maximum action duration is extended to up to five years.

The 2023 call opens on 30 May 2023 and closes on 28 November 2023.

The 2024 call opens on 29 May 2024 and closes on 27 November 2024.

Staff Exchange (SE)

SSE supports international and cross-sectoral collaboration through the exchange of scientific, technical or management staff on the basis of a joint research and innovation project of at least three legal entities from different MS/AC and/or different sectors including third countries. On a limited degree, secondments may take place within Europe in the same sector, provided they are interdisciplinary.

The 2023 call opens on 5 October 2023 and closes on 28 February 2024.
The 2024 call opens on 10 October 2024 and closes on 05 March 2025.

Co-funding of regional, national or international programmes (COFUND)

COFUND provides co-financing funds for new or existing regional, national or international postdoc or doctoral programmes. Such programmes fund transnational and cross-sector mobility of researchers and offer interdisciplinary training.

The 2023 call opens on 10 October 2023 and closes on 08 February 2024.

The 2024 call opens on 08 October 2024 and closes on 06 February 2025.

MSCA and Citizens

The Researchers’ Night is a yearly event dedicated to public science and outreach activities. It aims to bridge the gap between research and society by highlighting the work of scientists and its impact on people’s daily lives.

The topic of the MSCA and Citizens call 2023 is European Researchers' Night and Researchers at Schools 2024-2025.

The 2023 call opens on 20 June 2023 and closes on 25 October 2023.

Please note: All calls for proposals and documents are available in the Funding & Tenders Portal and only information given there is legally binding.