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European Innovation Council 2023

The work programme of the European Innovation Council in 2023 includes a budget of around EUR 1.66 billion. The work programme contains information on calls for tenders in the various EIC funding instruments, the EIC Pathfinder, the EIC Transition and the EIC Accelerator, as well as on the EIC prizes. Furthermore, details on the thematically free (Open) as well as on the following thematically specific (Challenges) calls are given:

EIC Pathfinder Challenges 2023

  • Clean and efficient cooling
  • Construction digitalisation
  • Precision nutrition
  • Responsible electronics
  • In-space solar energy

EIC Transition Challenges 2023

  • Micro-Nano-Bio devices
  • Environmental intelligence
  • Chip-scale optical frequency combs

EIC Accelerator Challenges 2023

  • Biomarker for cancer
  • Decontamination for pandemic management
  • Energy storage
  • New European Bauhaus
  • Quantum or Semiconductor components
  • Semiconductors
  • Resilient agriculture
  • Space technologies and services


The planned submission deadlines for the respective EIC funding instruments are the following dates:

  • EIC Pathfinder Open: 7 March 2023 (Budget: EUR 179.50 Million)
  • EIC Pathfinder Challenges: 18 October 2023 (Budget: EUR 163.50 Million)
  • EIC Transition Open: 12 April 2023 und 27 September 2023 (Budget: EUR 67.86 Million)
  • EIC Transition Challenges: 12 April 2023 und 27 September 2023 (Budget: EUR 60.50 Million)
  • EIC Accelerator Open&Challenges for short applications: continuous
  • EIC Accelerator Open for full applications: 11 January 2023, 22 March 2023, 7 June 2023 und 4 October 2023 (Budget: EUR 612.98 Million)
  • EIC Accelerator Challenges for full applications: 22 March 2023, 7 June 2023 und 4 October 2023 (Budget: EUR 524.73 Million)


Please see the work programme for more information. General information on the conditions of participation, eligibility and application as well as the assessment criteria can be found in the general annexes of the work programme.

The application is performed in the Funding & Tenders Portal and requires a respective registration there.

Please note: All calls for proposals and all documents are available in the Funding & Tenders Portal and only the information published there is binding.