Industrial Leadership


Space 2018-2020

On 27 October 2017, the European Commission has published the Work Programme 2018-2020 for "Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies – Space". The overall budget for the 2018 call is EUR 104 million. For the calls in 2019 there will be EUR 121 million available. For the calls in 2020 a budget of 144 million is foreseen, the Work Programme 2020, which will be prepared in detail in summer 2019 just shows the titles of topics and the budget.

The aim of "Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies – Space" is to maximising the benefits of space for society and the EU economy; to foster a globally competitive and innovative European space sector; to reinforce Europe’s autonomy in accessing and using space in a secure and safe environment and to strength Europe’s role as a global actor and promoting international cooperation.


The publication comprises the following calls:

  • Space 2018-2020
    • Earth observation
    • Space business, entrepreneurship, outreach and education
    • Space technologies, science and exploration
    • Secure and safe space environment
  • EGNSS market uptake 2019-2020

Rules for submission:

The calls are composed of "topics", which are outlined in detail in the Work Programme 2018-2020 and must be integrated into the research proposals. Topics for 2018 will open on 31 October 2017 on the Participant Portal, topics for 2019 will open on 16 October 2018.

Proposal submission: one-stage submission


Other information:

European Innovation Council (EIC) prize: "Low cost Space Launch"

The challenge is to develop a European technologically non-dependent solution for launching light satellites into Low-Earth Orbit, which will enable dedicated low-cost launches with committed schedule and orbit. The budget for this prize includes EUR 10 million, of which EUR 5 million come from the "Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies -Space" Work Programme and EUR 5 million from the "Access to Risk Finance" Work Programme.

Details of the European Innovation Council (EIC) prize: "Low cost Space Launch" can be found in part 17 of the Work Programme "Towards the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation: European Innovation Council (EIC) Pilot".

InnovFin Space Equity Pilot (ISEP)

To help improve access to risk finance for innovative enterprises in the space domain, ISEP will invest in venture capital and other risk-capital funds focused on innovative SMEs and small midcaps that aim to commercialise new products and services linked to space data and space technologies. The budget for this pilot includes EUR 6 million from the 2018 budget, EUR 7 million from the 2019 budget and EUR 7 million from the 2020 budget.

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

Low (< 4) and mid (4-9) TRL are only mentioned in the context of the topics under "Space technologies, science and exploration", which support generic and mission-oriented R&D technology to address non-dependence and competitiveness of the European Space industry. Proposals should address the given TLR and classify the expected results according to the TRL scale.

Please consider:

The three year Work Programme 2018-2020 is particularly complex in terms of funding objectives, funding schemes, proposal submission procedures and deadlines.

In addition to the Work Programme "Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies – Space", the other Work Programmes under Horizon 2020 should be consulted for further topics which relate to the call and research priorities of the Space sector.

All information on the call, the detailed call description and important guidance for applicants in the "Horizon 2020 Grants Manual" are available online on the Participant Portal and should be read carefully. Topics, rules for submission (budgets, deadlines, funding schemes) as well as information on the evaluation procedure are available in the General Annex of the Work Programme.

Please note that a prior registration at ECAS via the participant portal is necessary to submit a proposal.