Joint Calls of ERA-NET projects

National and regional funding organisations from EU Member States and Associated countries which particpate in an ERA-NET, can launch joint calls. These joint calls generally address universities, research institutions and enterprises based in the countries that participate in the respective ERA-NET scheme. Specific eligibility criteria, however, may vary between different joint calls.


A common framework for the joint call has to be agreed on between the funding bodies of an ERA-NET scheme. The Horizon 2020 Rules for Partcipation do not apply. Successful applicants of joint calls are funded on a national or regional level, based on the existing funding programmes. The individual projects are therefore implemented following national funding rules that are defined in the respective guides for applicants.

Funding will be available only for transnational collaborative research projects that:

  • consist of partners of different countries participating in the respective ERA-NET scheme,
  • reach a critical mass and
  • can obtain an added value.

Additional eligibility requirements (e.g. composition and number of participants within  a consortium) may vary between different joint calls.


According to national and programme specific regulations of joint calls, funding can be provided for:

  • Network activities
  • Personnel costs
  • Travelling expenses
  • Consumables
  • Small equipment
  • Other costs (administration costs, workshops, seminars, summer schools, etc.)

Th definition of eligible costs, the budget, the reimbursement rate and the duration of the project are specified in the documents of the respective joint calls.

Submission of proposals

The administration of joint calls can be coordinated either by a joint call secretariat or by a shared joint call management system provided by all participating funding bodies.

Depending on the specific joint calls, proposals can be submitted in a one-step or a two-step procedure. Applications are evaluated according to the criteria and regulations of the respective joint calls.