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EIC T2M Pioneer Programme: Online training for innovative researchers

23. Feb 2024

Interested researchers from EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition, EIC Seal of Excellence, ERC Proof of Concept projects as well as beneficiaries from the Women TechEU programme can register until 26 February 2024 for the T2M Pioneer Programme of the European Innovation Council (EIC). This free online training is part of a comprehensive training programme named the EIC Tech to Market Programme (EIC T2M).

The training intends to provide participants with specific knowledge on how to develop and scale market-ready technologies or products, e.g. regarding the creation of business models, handling of intellectual property, regulatory aspects, details on sources of financing and team management issues. The following particular topics are planned as part of the training modules:

  • Developing the product-market fit specific to deep tech
  • Modelling the techno-economics of products at each stage of development
  • Understanding critical Legal, IPR and licensing for deep tech
  • Choosing appropriate business models and options for capital structure
  • Defining the internal and external capabilities to move from founder to growth company
  • The journey from lab to market for deep tech

The training programme begins on 13 March 2024 and ends on 10 July 2024 (with a workload of approximately three hours per week). The event is suitable for individual scientists as well as for up to four team members (the latter should have complementary team roles in their respective project).