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EU Commission: First findings of Expert Group monitoring EU Missions

09. Feb 2024

The European Commission has published a report of the Expert Group tasked to support the monitoring of EU Missions. The report proposes a framework for further monitoring of the Missions, and takes stock of the implementation of the Missions so far. The report mainly deals with Mission-related activities outside of Horizon Europe.

According to the report, the new Missions approach has led to greater cooperation between the involved Directorates-General within the European Commission. Also, the exchange around the Missions between stakeholders and governance levels in member states, regions and municipalities has been intensified. At the same time, policymakers, funding bodies and stakeholders still needed more time to develop new forms of cooperation. The report sees room for improvement, among other things, with regard to the active involvement of citizens and stakeholders in Missions.

While it is still too early to assess the success of the EU Missions, the expert group notes progress that holds out the prospect of achieving the mission objectives in the longer term.