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EU Commission: Call for contributions on virtual worlds and generative AI

26. Jan 2024

Contributions on the subject areas of "virtual worlds" and "generative artificial intelligence" can be submitted until 11 March 2024. The aim of this call initiated by the European Commission's Directorate-general "Competition" (DG COMP) is, on the one hand, to obtain feedback on the current state of competition in the two associated market sectors. On the other hand, knowledge should also be gained about how competition law can be implemented in the future in order to enable the competitiveness of these new markets.

The call is also intended to explore in greater detail the potential of these disruptive technologies – including opportunities for their expected exponential growth – as well as challenges of the corresponding digital transformation. All interested stakeholders, including experts from universities and research institutions, are invited to participate.

As a follow-up, the Commission also plans to organise a workshop in the second quarter of 2024. The event is intended to further analyse the contributions received in the current call and to merge different perspectives. In July 2023, the European Commission already published a strategy and a factsheet on the topics of "Web 4.0 and virtual worlds" (see the KoWi newsletter dated 21 July 2023).