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EU Commission: Launch of ERA Platform

26. Jan 2024

On 22 January 2024, the EU Commission has launched a new European Research Area (ERA) platform – which is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of current ERA policies, activities and achievements.The new ERA Platform is envisaged in the Pact for Research and Innovation (R&I) in Europe and thus part of the ERA governance framework. In particular, the platform is set to provide:

  • information about the implementation status of the ERA Policy Agenda and its joint actions
  • insights into EU-wide activities towards the further development of ERA
  • presentation of the various elements of the ERA monitoring mechanism (e.g. interactive graphs showing the progress on ERA priorities as reported in the ERA Scoreboard and the ERA Dashboard)
  • access to key ERA-related documents and reports

The platform should not be regarded as a static tool, but is intended to receive continued updates by the EC. In addition, EU Member States, Associated Countries and R&I Stakeholder organisations will be able to contribute to the platform’s content (by sharing relevant information, data or documents).