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KoWi and ZWM: Advising on national and EU funding in a joined-up way

19. Jan 2024

From 24-25 September 2024, in cooperation with the Centre for Science Management (ZWM) and Heidelberg University, KoWi is organising a workshop on linking advice on European and national research funding (Nationale und europäische Förderung gemeinsam denken) at Heidelberg University. The course is aimed at both EU and national research managers and is held in German.

The workshop will feature exchanges within the group on the various dimensions of combining advice on national and EU funding. We will also look at the organisational aspects of the advisory process. To this end, best practice examples will be analysed and approaches for strategies will be jointly developed.

The concept for this workshop has been jointly deveopled by KoWi, experienced EU and and national research funding advisors and the ZWM.

Registration via the ZWM Website