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European Research Area (ERA): German National Action Plan adopted by the Federal Cabinet

17. Nov 2023

On November 15, the German Federal Cabinet adopted the National Action Plan for the European Research Area (ERA), with which the Federal Government intends to further advance the goals of the ERA through measures at national level.

The National Action Plan is structured along three lines ("for an innovative Europe, excellent research in Europe & for a free Europe"), leading to the following action areas listed below (which are underpinned by specific implementation measures):

  • Shaping economic and social transformations based on technological sovereignty
  • Transforming knowledge into applications across Europe
  • Modernising framework conditions for open and excellent research cooperation
  • Removing barriers to European cooperation
  • Strengthening inclusive participation in the research and innovation system
  • Shaping global cooperation in a value-based and secure manner

Major elements of the action plan, including the above-mentioned action areas, were identified as essential and beneficial for the further development of ERA during a national consultation process (online survey with approx. 1500 responses and thematic workshops with approx. 60 participating organisations from the research and innovation sector).

The action plan will be implemented mainly via a new body (to be coordinated by the BMBF), the Forum for European Research and Innovation Policy (Forum.EU), based on regular monitoring exercises (the action plan defines thirteen target indicators for this purpose). The Forum.EU, which is replacing the current European policy discussion group ("Europapolitischer Gesprächskreis"), will be tasked particular with providing advice on the implementation of the action plan and preparing positions on the further development of the ERA.