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European Commission: Draft budget for the year 2023 / Horizon Europe

01. Jul 2022

The European Commission has published its draft budget for 2023 and submitted it to the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers for a vote.
For Horizon Europe, the Commission proposes a budget of EUR 12.3 billion for 2023, which will be complemented from the European recovery plan 'NextGenerationEU' with EUR 1.8 billion.
The Horizon budget 2023 would be divided as follows:

  • Pillar Excellent Research EUR 3.301 billion
  • Pillar Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness EUR 6.068 billion
  • Pillar Innovative Europe EUR 1.619 billion
  • Widening participation and strengthening the European Research Area EUR 432.6 million

It is worth mentioning the budget foreseen for the 'Chips for Europe' initiative, which, as part of the 'European Chips Act' proposed by the Commission in February, will carry out research and innovation in the field of semiconductor technology through the new ‚Chips Joint Undertaking (see newsletter of 25 February 2022). The Commission's proposal 'Chips for Europe' foresees an investment in R&I activities of up to EUR 3.3 billion in total. In 2023, EUR 708 million will be allocated from Horizon Europe, the Connecting Europe Facility and the Digital Europe Programme