Final version of the orientation paper towards the first Strategic Plan for Horizon Europe

The European Commission has published the final version of the document "Orientations towards the first Strategic Plan for Horizon Europe". The document is not the Strategic Plan or its draft, but a foundation for the first Strategic Plan and the first Work Programmes of Horizon Europe.
The first part outlines challenges that the EU is currently facing and the drivers that are likely to exacerbate them. It then presents the key EU policy objectives and responses to these challenges and outlines the impacts that research and innovation should target to help achieve these objectives. A section describes specific issues that will be taken into account during the implementation of Horizon Europe, and the future coordination of relevant activities throughout Horizon Europe. Finally, the document presents two novel instruments and approaches for maximising the targeted impacts: the missions and Partnerships in Horizon Europe. The targeted impacts are presented in further detail in six annexes, corresponding to each Horizon Europe Cluster.
The first version of the document was published in June 2019 with the public consultation on the Strategic Plan for Horizon Europe. It was then updated and revised in the course of the last months based on the feedback received through two consultations and the discussions at the European Research and Innovation Days in September 2019.