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Model Grant Agreement updated

20. Jul 2016

On 20 July 2016, new versions (3.0) of the Model Grant Agreements (MGA) for all parts of Horizon 2020 have been published. Major changes of the General MGA concern the following aspects:

  • More flexibility of budget transfers: Art. 4.2 has been expanded and now additionally enables budget transfers between forms of costs. However, amendments are still required for new (i.e. not included in Annex I) subcontracts.
  • Calculation of personnel costs on a monthly basis: Until now, the calculation of the hourly has to be based on the last closed financial year. Art. 6.2.A of the new MGA alternatively allows the calculation of the hourly rate per month.
  • Article on ethics specified: Art. 34.1 („Obligation to comply with ethical and research integrity principles“) now explicitly mentions essential principles (e.g. honesty, objectivity, impartiality, etc,) in order to emphasise the relevance of ethics and research integrity.

A comprehensive list of all modifications is provided in the “History of Changes” of the relevant document.

The new rules can be applied retroactively and without an amendment to ongoing grants that have been signed under the previous version.