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H2020 Contractual Public-Private Partnerships: Mid-Term review finalised

05. Oct 2017

The main criteria considered were efficiency, relevance and appropriateness, coherence with other EU related actions, effectiveness and EU Added Value. The report takes into account the period 2014-2016 and the following cPPPs: Factories of the Future (FoF), Energy-efficient Buildings(EeB), Green Vehicles (EGVI), 5G, Sustainable Process Industry (SPIRE), Robotics, Photonics, High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data. The cPPP on Cybersecurity has not been evaluated since it has only been established in 2016. In the reporting area 412 cPPP-projects got financial support of approx. 2.1 bn. Euro.
 Based on the criteria, the report concludes that:
-    Overall the management of cPPPs has been efficient. In terms of time to grant and success rates they have performed better than the average of Horizon 2020, although there is still room for improvement, such as more focused, challenging roadmaps and more alignment between roadmaps and calls.
-    more clarity is needed regarding institutional status and a reformed model of governance would improve transparency and openness (also to SMEs).
-    With respect to effectiveness and impact, the Expert Group recommends urgently redesigning and harmonising the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
-    The cPPPs should be integrated in a more coherent strategy of priorities and objectives with other EU instruments, avoiding duplication and overlapping and exploiting synergies with national and regional policies, including structural funds. In particular cPPPs should develop synergies with industry-oriented instruments, as JTIs and EIT KICs.
-    deeper involvement of Member States is desirable.
-    the recently proposed mission-oriented approach (in the FAB-APP-LAB Report) would empower the cPPPs, providing a proper base to improve their efficiency and effectiveness along the lines recommended by this Group.