Marie S.-Curie Actions

Individual Fellowships

Researchers can apply for an Individual Fellowship (IF), if they have either a PhD or at least four years of full-time research experience after their graduation.

The choice of topic is open to all fields of research. The project has to be conducted together with a host institution of your choice, either located in an EU Member State or Associated Country.

Researchers who receive an Individual Fellowship have the possibility to include a secondment phase in the non-academic or academic sector within the overall duration of their fellowship. It is possible to do secondments within the same country or into another European country ( EU Member State or Associated Country to the Framework Programme). The secondment should significantly add to the career development of the fellow and to the (scientific) impact of the fellowship. Therefore in certain research fields, it can be beneficial to include secondments in the non-academic sector. For a contract time of 18 months or less, the secondment can last up to three months. For a contract time of more than 18 months, the secondment may last up to six months. The secondment phase can be a single period or be divided into shorter mobility periods.

The application must be made jointly with a host institution (and a scientific supervisor) and has fixed call deadlines. The host institution may be chosen freely (universities, research organisations, universities of applied science, international organisations, enterprises, etc.). The host institution may not, however, be located in the country of residence of the applicant (consider so called "mobility rule").   

Fellows will play an active role in shaping their own training programme and professional development. A Career Development Plan will have to be established together with the supervisor, which includes training needs and research objectives.